• Rebecca Parham: There are a handful of things in this world that just INSTANTLY make me mad. Like, turn my mood from happy bubbly sunshiny, to sociopath killer on a dime. One of them being when someone tells me something obvious... in a serious way. Like, they're trying to help. For example, if I casually tell someone I need to go get my car's tank filled up, and they look at me and say:
  • Guy #1: "You know Becca, you can get gasoline at a gas station."
  • Rebecca Parham: "Really dude? Like, really? D- you think I didn't know that? Did I give ANY indication that I didn't know where to get gasoline? I mean, do you ACTUALLY think I'm THAT stupid? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO INSINUATE THAT I'M THAT IGNORANT? 'Ooo, Becca, you can get gas at a gas station!' No fricking kidding, Sherlock! Next you'll tell me water is wet, you impertinent little dipstick!" You might think I'm kidding, but I would be less insulted if you just walked right up to me and called me stupid to my face. It's like: "I don't care. You don't know me, your opinion is meaningless." But genuinely, NOT jokingly, GENUINELY tell me something that insinuates that I didn't know an incredibly common fact... and you need to step back a few paces because my right hook is lethal under the right circumstances. And of course, this can vary to certain degrees because one time, someone asked me if I like Star Wars, and I said: "Yeah, Rey and BB8! They're the best!" And this person gave me a look... and said:
  • Guy #2: "Well there are other Star Wars movies."
  • [Rebecca growls]
  • Rebecca Parham: Why do people do this? This has happened to me SO many times in my life that I felt the need to make a CARTOON about it. Though I hope this is not some insight to how people ACTUALLY view me and my level of intelligence. I gotta know, guys: Am I the only one? And if this DOES happen to you, does it not infuriate you? Anyways, that's all I have to say. I just needed to rant. Thank you, Explainers and Entertainers, so much for tuning in and listening to me complain, but now I gotta tune out. Bye!

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