Tweedledee is a reoccurring character in Rebecca's videos and animations, a participant/actor in the theater club and one of Rebecca's bullies, as mentioned in Draw My Life and My Crazy Theater Teacher. In Lost My Pants in Wonderland, he was acting with Rebecca a few scenes, and was the reason why Rebecca's pants dropped, because he punched her so hard in the stomach that her pants' rubber suspenders ripped.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

He is a tall and thin boy who has long, brown hair and always wears jeans.

Personality Edit

He seems to be the type of guy who often had conflicts with Rebecca. This is due to the fact that Rebecca had a different personality from him, as she used to be socially awkward and had no friends. He also bullies Rebecca, but since he is one of Medusa's "favorites", Medusa thinks that Tweedledee was the one getting bullied. In this case, he seems to be the type of guy who can also easily get away with bullying.

Role in videos Edit

Lost My Pants in Wonderland Edit

His role was being part of a play that Medusa made with the cast being him, Alice and Rebecca Parham. He also punched Rebecca in the stomach so hard that her pants' ribbon suspenders snapped, and her hula hoop pants dropped.

Draw My Life & My Crazy Theater Teacher Edit

He was mentioned as a bully and being one of Medusa's favorites.

Relationships Edit

Medusa Edit

He probably likes Medusa, due to the fact that he was one of her favorites and graduated early, meaning that he had a good relationship with her.

Rebecca Parham Edit

He bullied Rebecca, so he didn't really like her. This means that they had a bad relationship to each other.

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Trivia Edit

  • It is currently not confirmed by Rebecca if Tweedledee from Lost My Pants in Wonderland and the same looking guy is the bully. However, since they look very similar to each other, and seem to be pretty similar personality-wise, they are most likely the same person.
  • He graduated before Rebecca even left the club.
  • Comparatively to Rebecca appearance-wise, they were completely opposed in height, weight and gender. Tweedledee was a tall thin male, and Rebecca was a short round female.
  • His real name is not Tweedledee, but it wasn't officially revealed by Rebecca, yet.

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