Shannon Jones is a reoccurring character in Rebecca's videos and animations. He is also one of the actors in the Annoying Orange.



He is tall, skinny and has a white skin tone. He also has blonde hair. He wears varying clothes. For example, in Crazy Wrong Number Caller, he is shown wearing a red shirt, while in the 2015 VidCon Recap, he is shown wearing a gray shirt.


He seems to be a friendly person. He also likes acting in Annoying Orange and is interested in acting in general.

Role in videos

2015 VidCon Recap

He was playing Mario Kart with Rebecca Parham. Later, he has eaten dinner with Rebecca Parham and DaneBoe. Then finally, for an entire weekend, he spent time with the rest of the Annoying Orange crew and Rebecca Parham.

Crazy Wrong Number Caller

He was mentioned as an example of a friend Rebecca wanted to call with.

2016 VidCon Recap

He was hanging out with Rebecca Parham and DaneBoe. When he was at the Hilton, on the elevators, they were standing with a vlogger guy. When a lady wanted to rush to the elevator, she was so close, but then the elevator doors closed on her. When she said "Wait!", Shannon and the others were apprehended, then they laughed right after. Then finally, for another year, he spent time with the rest of the Annoying Orange crew and Rebecca Parham.

No Mouths?!

A clip from the 2015 VidCon Recap was shown. He was shown playing Mario Kart with Rebecca Parham.

2017 VidCon Recap

He was shown with the Annoying Orange crew.

Drawing Animators into Over the Garden Wall

He was replying to Rebecca Parham about a plan to surprise DaneBoe for his 40th birthday.


He has a good relationship with Rebecca Parham. They are both close friends to each other.



  • "Okay, come out to the front. He can't see you from there."


  • The 2018 VidCon Recap is the only VidCon Recap in which he didn't make an appearance in.
  • Despite his frequent appearances, he only said one phrase in the entire franchise.

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