Rebecca's outfits

Rebecca's outfits are the various outfits that she wears in her videos. She has showcased her wardrobe on Twitter, containing many of her outfits in her wardrobe. Technically, she has more outfits than all of the ones showcased in her wardrobe, but her wardrobe still showcases at least more than half of her outfits.

List of outfits in the wardrobe (from left to right)

Description Appearance(s)
The first outfit has big, wide, yellow hula hoop pants that held up over one's shoulders with ribbon suspenders. There is also a black shirt and a black and yellow striped hat. Lost My Pants in Wonderland
The second outfit is the outfit that Rebecca wears on her college, Ringling College of Art and Design. It is a light blue hoodie and blue jeans. My Teacher Murdered Someone, My Embarrassing and Weird Old Art
The third outfit is a light red dress with the end of the sleeves and the bottom of the dress being light pink. The sleeves are longer than Rebecca's arms. Backyard Stories
The fourth outfit is a light black dress with the top being gray. YouTube Rewind, PAX South and more
The fifth outfit is a dark blue dress with the buttons, the top and the leggings being light blue. Dumb Things I Do, Animated Outtakes (Dumb Things I Do)
The sixth outfit is a purple dress with short, pink sleeves. She has worn black leggings with it. My Crazy Theatre Teacher
The seventh outfit is a black shirt with a pistachio-green skirt. 2017 VidCon Recap
The eighth outfit is a crimson dress. No Mouths?!
The ninth outfit is a gray dress with light gray on the top. Crotchety Storage Lady
The tenth outfit is a yellow dress with semi-transparent leggings, that were ripped. Almost Run Over by a Car
The eleventh outfit is a light blue dress with black leggings. This is likely her favorite dress, because this is the outfit she wears the most. The Girlfriend Fairy (partially), I Sang a Song for Hurricane Harvey Victims (thumbnail), YouTube Rewind 2017 clips, Ruining Your Favorite YouTubers (thumbnail), 1,000,000 Subscriber Extravaganza (thumbnail), channel banner, VidCon poster, Drawing Animators into Over the Garden Wall (thumbnail), Pin Theatre
The twelfth outfit is a purple dress with a light blue bow. This outfit is a reference to Rebecca's favorite Pokémon, Butterfree. Stole Mom's Credit Card to Buy N64
The thirteenth outfit is a ripped green and dark green dress with light blue wings on the back. Rebecca wears this outfit when she portrays The Girlfriend Fairy. The Girlfriend Fairy, Girlfriend Fairy Halloween Costume
The fourteenth outfit is a dark purple dress with a very dark purple line on it. Girlfriend Fairy Halloween Costume
The fifteenth outfit is a magenta dress with black leggings on it. 2016 VidCon Recap