Rebecca's grandmother, who's name is currently unstated, is a minor character and the grandmother of Rebecca Parham, Rachel Parham and David Parham who appeared in Draw My Life.



She is an aged lady who has wrinkles on her face. She was wearing a sweatshirt and a necklace. Her hair color is most likely either gray or white, but it is currently unknown, due to the fact that Draw My Life barely featured colors other than white.


Not much is known about her personality, but she was possibly a really kind, gentle and humble grandparent who would be close to acting like another parent.


She has a really good relationship with her granddaughter, Rebecca Parham, and most likely with the rest of the family, too.



The cause of her death is currently unknown.


As she was a really special person to Rebecca Parham, she was like another parent to her who lived with her for 12 years. Her death was the reason why Rebecca was struggling to learn how to animate using Maya.


  • It is unknown if she is the mother of Ann Parham or Mike Parham.
  • Rebecca confirmed in a tweet that she is currently not giving out more information about her grandmother.

Rebecca Parham

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