Rebecca's Demon is a minor character that appears in Don't Listen to the Demon, as the antagonist of that animation/vlog.


Basically, what the demon does is not only make the person do crimes, physical attacks, verbal attacks and other inconveniences, but it also discourages the person who are doing these actions themselves. Discouraging including insulting themselves, changing their mood to sadness and anger, finding their lives difficult, telling themselves the negative characteristics and even suicidal thoughts.

For the majority of Rebecca's life, she has listen to the demon. Several instances is the reason why she did so. This includes the fact that other kids, in her middle school classes, judged her for being horizontally challenged and more. She also discouraged herself when animating and even singing, and she even talks about her sufferance for the process of her upcoming animations and songs, especially on her Twitter, even nowadays.


She appears to be Rebecca in a demonic form. She has 3 red spikes, long brown hair, red eyes and she is wearing a long red dress.


She is the imaginary demon of Rebecca, so she intends to threaten Rebecca and discourage her. She tells her bad stuff to make her pessimistic and feel down. However, most of what the demon tells her is in fact untrue.

Role in video

All she does is threaten and harass Rebecca, as she is her imaginary demon.


As she is her imaginary demon, she intentionally has bad relationship with Rebecca, discouraging her, making he depressed and even making her getting suicidal thoughts


  • You'll never do anything special with your life. People far younger than you have accomplished so much more.
  • You're losing the race. She is way more talented than you. You will never be as good as her.
  • Wow. You are so ugly and fat. No one will ever want you.
  • You're not strong enough to deal with what you're going through. You'll never feel happy or normal again.
  • You have nothing to offer the world. You are a waste of space.
  • The world is falling apart at it seems. You can't have any faith in people or in good.
  • No one actually likes you. All your friends think you're annoying.
  • You don't deserve to feel loved. If you died tomorrow, no one would care. I bet nobody would even notice you're gone. You are ALONE.


  • She is the opposite of Rebecca's Angel, who encourages Rebecca and makes her happy and optimistic.

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