Rebecca's Angel is a minor character that appears in Don't Listen to the Demon.


The angel is another imaginary voice that, opposing to the demon, encourages the person who they are with. The angel is not only self-encouraging, but it also makes the person respect other people, giving them compliments and more.

Rebecca has heard her angel for the minority of her life, but she is listening to it more often nowadays. This is only because she is currently having a YouTube channel that is constantly growing in views, subscribers and a general attraction with her.


She appears to be Rebecca in an angelic form. She has brown hair, completely blue eyes and wears a blue and mostly white dress with a hoodie along with light blue pants.


She is the imaginary angel of Rebecca, so she intends to encourage Rebecca and make her feel better, even at hard times. She tells her good stuff to make her optimistic and stronger.

Role in video

All she does is attempt to encourage Rebecca and make her feel better.


As she is the imaginary angel of Rebecca, she has a very good relationship with her, as Rebecca was encouraged by her.


  • Yeah you know what. You're not where you want to be creatively right now but with some hard-working practice you absolutely can get there.
  • Hey let's look at this girl's work, it is so inspiring. Oh, and leave a nice comment on her blog. She'll love that it'll make her feel good.
  • Oh my goodness, girl. You are so beautiful! Look at the curve of those hips and those cute chubby legs. You should wear your favorite dress today. You need to feel like a queen. Oh, and you should go over there and tell that girl how adorable those shorts are on her.
  • Okay. I'll level with you, this looks pretty bad. But you are absolutely smart enough to figure this out. You have done so many amazing things before. You got this.
  • Hey. I know it hurts, you're very sad you lost your dad. But you are strong and you will make it through this. It won't hurt like this forever. I promise.


  • She is the opposite of Rebecca's Demon, who discourages Rebecca and makes her sad and pessimistic.
  • She is the voice that Rebecca is choosing to listen, because she obviously prefers listening to the voice that encourages her more than the one that discourages her.

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