The currently unnamed rapper is a reoccurring character who appeared in Angles Song and Time Song.



He is a tall, think and black person with black hair and brown eyes. He is wearing a gray cap sideways, just like many rappers. He is also wearing a black jacket, a white shirt, blue jeans and dark gray shoes.


He loves rapping and educating kids.

Role in video

He educationally raps children about certain topics. He educationally rapped about angles in the Angles Song and about time in the Times Song.


  • "We know that there’s 1 minute, if we can fit 60 seconds in it."
  • "If we could stack minutes and build a tower, there would be 60 minutes in 1 hour."
  • "When 12 hours pass, then we’re halfway, to 24 hours, which makes a day."
  • "And a week is complete in 7 days, but the length of a month is harder to say."
  • "They can be 28 to 31 days long; One of them contains the day that you were born on!"
  • "The length of a year is hard to make clear, cause one of every four years is a leap year."
  • "The common years happen three in a row, they have 365 days, you know."
  • "Then a leap year comes with an intercalary, that’s the name of the extra day in February."
  • "That’s why leap years have 366 days, and why February’s number of days can change."
  • "10 years is a decade, 100 years is a century, and a millennium’s 1000 of history!"
  • "Between zero and 90 an angle is acute."
  • "This angle's small and skinny and kind of cute."
  • "It looks like a V or the top of a Y."
  • "Or the angles that you see eating pizza or pie."
  • "Only when an angle measures ninety do we call it right."
  • "You can tell this angle just by sight."
  • "It looks like an L or the corner of a square."
  • "You're looking at them when you're walking up the stairs."
  • "From 90 and 180, an angle is obtuse."
  • "This angle's kind of fat; it's got a big caboose."
  • "It's like the hands on a clock when it's quarter to two."
  • "Or the antlers on the head of a full-grown moose."
  • "To measure an angle's degrees with a protractor."
  • "Place the vertex at the hole in the center."
  • "Line up the the bottom ray with zero on the protractor."
  • "Remember that zero can be on top or under."
  • "Count up to where the other ray points at the number."
  • "That will be the angle's measure."

Rebecca Parham

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