My Teacher Murdered Someone is an animated story created by Rebecca Parham.


Rebecca Parham explains her story about a teacher that she had, who was a criminal, because he murdered a person.


E was Rebecca's communications teacher in college. His class was required for her business minor, so she was forced to do a class with him. When she arrived the first day in class, he met E and something with him doesn't seem right to her, because of his looks and personality. Rebecca can easily detect who is a good person and who is bad, even if there was a serial killer who pretends they are not one.

He gave Rebecca and her classmates a syllabus and she had torn it because he never followed it. According to Rebecca, listening to him explaining an assignment is like Tom Cruise talking about scientology. He would be furious if nobody in the class did the assignment(s) correctly. In addition, he was contradicting his own previous instructions. He would also get upset from small things, such as writing with a light pencil. Rebecca once got a C just because she used a pencil he didn't like. He was often dressed as a popper, as well, and he would drop cuss words and lewd topics into the lecture like it was nothing, as well as a lot of TMI and personal stuff.

Despite him being a communications teacher, he lacked the ability to teach perfectly. For example, he refused to stay after class to help make his students understand or answer any questions they have to clarify his lack of common sense. Then, he would blame his students for not asking for help. He would also constantly ask for feedback, but wouldn't accept constructive criticism by his students.

Rebecca was so fed up with him that she went into the head department to complain. Her classmates also did the same thing.

Rebecca had a big incident with him on the last day of school. One of his policies if somebody got a low grade, they can take the test again to get a better grade. However, it didn't completely work out that way with Rebecca. He gave her back a paper with the original grade being B+. In her second time, she got a C, meaning that she got a lower grade on her second chance of taking a test. Logically, the opposite should've then. This made Rebecca angry, and she even debunked her teacher and explained his own policy. For 15 minutes, they were both arguing, and then, she had him back in the corner. He started getting physically angry, and he made threatening gestures to her. He wasn't able to touch her, however, because Mary, one of Rebecca's classmates, was watching him the whole time.

It all caved. The teacher surrendered, agreed to fix her grade, and left class early. Rebecca told the head teacher and told him what happened. However, he didn't do anything, because E taught for another two years in the same college.

E had been teaching communications at a different university, when he murdered someone in one state, fled to another state and shot himself during a police standoff.



The reception in this video was decently positive. However, some people thought and complained in the comments section that this was a clickbait video. Though that could be true, the video isn't misleading (clickbait technically means content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page, which doesn't mean the video was misleading). Some people also complained about Eric Paul Engel for his actions. Some people also got scared from the fact that they saw the hidden Easter Egg at 3:10.

Easter eggs

Screenshot that'll give me nightmares

Once a viewer has paused at 3:10 at a certain frame, they will be able to see this.

  • In the animation, there are terrifying face transitions and emotions, in which all of them appear under a second. These transitions include extreme rapidity of hair change color, squares and rectangles appearing around her, eye shape changing and her entire face changing. To view these frames more easily, these steps can be done:
  1. Going to 3:05, then clicking the three dots on the top, then playback speed, then setting the speed to 0.25x (in the YouTube app) or in the gear button, then speed, then setting the speed to 0.25x.
  2. Playing the video and looking carefully at 3:09. That way, the viewer will be able to view these transitions. Alternatively, the viewer can pause at 3:09, then press "." multiple times to view every single frame after that second (works only on desktop).
  • Annoying Orange can be found in the video at 1:24.
  • Some of her classmates were actual YouTubers, such as Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning. However, they weren't her actual classmates. They were just used as an example of her classmates.
  • Rebecca has a very hidden reference to the screenshot on the right. Found by Ben Lotinga[1], the reference was basically coming from Daffy Duck of "Duck Dougers" doing almost the same thing.


  • The full name of her teacher was called "Eric Paul Engel". However, some people claim Rebecca's communications teacher was Ernesto Bustamante, but there are a few reasons why her communications teacher is "Eric Paul Engel", such as the accuracy of his appearance in the animation.
  • News about the teacher can be found in WESH News:
  • Rebecca once got a "C" on a test for the pencil she used. It is very likely that she could've gotten an "A" or even an "A+" if Eric was fine with the pencil she used.
  • This is Rebecca's most popular video, gaining a total of at least 9.5 million views as of September 8, 2018.
    • It is also the video with the most dislikes. It has around 3.2K dislikes as of September 8, 2018.
  • It is the first video from Rebecca Parham that surpassed 10 million views. That milestone was reached on October 1, 2018.
  • This is one of the few animations with the current style where a mouth was included in the animation. In fact, this is the animation with the most amount of moments where a mouth was included (there were 3 moments) and the only animation with the current style where a mouth appeared more than once. At 1:11, 2:25 and 3:10, there are mouths.
  • The Easter egg about the face transitions in this video is a possible reference to Five Nights at Freddy's.



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