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My Embarrassing & Weird Old Art is an animation and a vlog created by Rebecca Parham.


Rebecca Parham shows her fans her embarrassing and weird old art.

List of drawings

This is a list of drawings she has done and shown in the video:

Name Image Description
Naked Jesus Christ
It was a homework assignment where she had to take a piece of artwork that already existed and tried to recreate it but it should have naked humans in it.
Skeletal Goofy
Rebecca had a figure drawing assignment where she had to take a popular cartoon character and draw what their skeleton would be like. She also got an A on the assignment.
Skeletal Jesus Christ
This is basically a skeletal representation of Jesus Christ when he was crucified.
Naked man walking with a stick
This is basically a naked man who is walking with a stick. Even though Rebecca doesn't like it and finds it so bad through her perspective, she actually got a lot of praise from her teacher for this drawing.
Naked woman with a dog
This basically represents a naked woman bringing her dog with her one day to class, and they let the dog sit in her lap while Rebecca and the other students did a gesture of her.
Floating, angry, fat, bored, happy etc.
This was a type of assignment where they gave her words and she had to figure out the line, the pattern or the design that best represents that word. For example, the anger emotion represents claw marks.
Block person
This represents a person made out of blocks because people are just "a bunch of blocks".
Girl in a Halloween costume
This girl, in Halloween Day, was in a costume so Rebecca and the other students did all of this in her costume, with the costume being a half woman and a half guy. She had no mouth, which means this is the possible origin of Rebecca's current animated character style, where the character's mouth is usually excluded.
Stewie Griffin with muscles
This was basically a similar exercise to giving a cartoon character a skeleton, except that Rebecca has drawn Stewie Griffin with muscles.
Naked man
This drawing represents a naked man standing. Rebecca got a lot of praise from her teacher for this drawing.
Failed gestures
Rebecca has many failed gestures, which is normal for a typical and even a professional artist. This is only an example of failed gestures.
Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory
Rebecca has drawn Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory naked.
Metaphor of life
Rebecca had to take a lot of business classes and one of her favorite teachers was the teacher of the business class and she wanted her to do an art project of like what life means to her and she said that life is like a balancing act. She likes the concept because she still believes that life is like a balancing act.


Question from the video

Rebecca answered a question at the beginning of the video. The question was if she went to school, and she said that she did go to school. Then, she got an education at her first college, where she was performing theater. After a year, she thought that theater wouldn't work out with her, so she discussed with her parents to go to another college. One of them suggested animation. Her mother, Ann Parham, was convinced, but she had to convince her father, Mike Parham, by showing him a piece of art she made.

When she went into the school, she didn't make it into the animation the first day. At first, she had to do a wide variety of art projects, along with art history in which she found difficult and even mathematics. After these classes, she was able to touch her animation desk, because these classes were for preparing for the animation program.

Her good grades and theater experience, and not her art skills, were the reason why she got accepted into the school. In reality, she was one of the least experienced drawers, at least compared to other students who were attending the same school.

In her first year and a half of her art classes in which she finds weird, she is more certain that she was going to share her art that was made in the first year and a half. Her family used to own a townhouse in Florida for business trips, and sometimes, her college stuff would end up there between school years.

Recently, she sold that house, and the succeeding owner of the house sent her back some of her personal items that were left there, including her own art.


The viewers in the comment section actually liked her art. Even though Rebecca finds most of her art embarrassing and bad, most of her viewers actually liked her art.

Also, the reason why it has a lower like ratio than most of her videos is because of the fact that her drawings represent nudity. Therefore, around half of the dislikes were represent because of the drawings.


  • 107 seconds after the start of the video, Rebecca made a spelling mistake. In the "What we're doing" list, it says "openning" instead of "opening".


  • This is her second longest video that contains animation and is the 4th longest video of all time. The longest animation being Draw My Life and the longest video ever being Ruining Your Favorite YouTubers.
  • Skeleton Goofy was the drawing that was featured in the thumbnail.
  • Rebecca took a picture of a couple of her failed gestures.
  • The metaphor of life is the only colored drawing out of the shows that she has shown in the video.

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