Medusa's theater club is a setting in Rebecca's videos and animations.


It is a theater room/club in which Medusa, the owner of the room, teaches her students everything related to theatre, along with directing after-school plays and choosing a cast.


  • A classroom, for learning about theatre related classes.
  • Medusa's desk with an apple, a couple books and papers all over.
  • A theater room
    • A stage with curtains on it.
    • Many seats.
    • A smaller room for managing the technology in the theater stage.
  • A hallway (possibly) with a notice/cast board on it.


Characters who appeared in Medusa's theater club


  • Though Rebecca loved theater and wanting to learn in the theater club, she didn't like Medusa.
  • Both Rebecca and Medusa were featured at all of the appearances of this setting.