Medusa is a reoccurring character in Rebecca's videos and animations, the antagonist of My Crazy Theatre Teacher and was the main theater teacher of the theater department Rebecca participated in, during her high school days.



She appears to be a tall woman with a messed up hair style, red hair, red eyes (although, it is shown as red, because she was evil) and she was wearing glasses. She wears a black shirt and jeans.


It is possible that she either has bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder or antisocial personality disorder, because she has split personalities. One day, she was kind and supportive, and the other day, mentally unstable and vindictive. This confused Rebecca if Medusa liked her or not.

Role in videos

My Crazy Theater Teacher

She is known for being Rebecca's theater teacher. She also owned the entire theater department, which means she had full control on teaching her students all the subjects. She ran the theater clubs, directed all the school plays and had more control in her choices of the cast.

One of the theater kids were Rebecca's bullies. When Medusa confronted Ann Parham, Rebecca's mother, Medusa was aware that Rebecca's bully was getting into more trouble, ironically.

While Rebecca was performing decent enough in the play, the next day, she wasn't casted. Medusa lied to her by telling her that the reason why she wasn't casted was because she was too tall. In fact, that wasn't even true, considering the fact that the other senior theater kid was taller than Rebecca. She told her students the real reason, and that is because Rebecca kept to herself a lot and wasn't popular, which is an unusual and illogical reason to exclude participants from a cast. However, Rebecca didn't meet the requirements of having a certain amount of charisma and beauty from Medusa's perspective, which is why she was excluded.

2 years after Rebecca has graduated, she locked herself in a boys' hotel room, drunk alcohol and passed out over there, forcing the boys to sleep in girls' hotel room.

Other videos

In other videos, she didn't really have a role. She was mentioned, drawn and briefly described in these videos.


Rebecca Parham

They both have a bad relationship with each other. The reason why is that is because Rebecca wasn't considered as one of her favorites and she didn't cast her.

Favorite students (including Tweedledee)

Medusa and her favorites likely have a good relationship between each other, considering that she favors them and made them graduate early.



  • "Ask someone else."
  • "Seniors take precedence in casting because they're graduating."
  • "Oh. It's because you were too tall."
  • "Yes. Only short guys auditioned and I needed your love interest to be taller than you."
  • "The reason I didn't cast Becca is because she's not one of the group. She keeps to herself way too much and doesn't have any friends."


  • It is currently unknown if Medusa is still alive or died nowadays.
  • Over her and Eric Paul Engel, Rebecca would rather learn from Medusa than Engel.

Rebecca Parham

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