Mark Fischbach (born: June 28, 1989 (1989-06-28) [age 29]), also known as by his online alias Markiplier, is a reoccurring character in Rebecca's videos and animations and an American YouTube personality. He has 22M subscribers on YouTube and at least 4,000 videos.



He has an average height of 1.79 meters, an average looking body and a white skin tone. He also has brown hair, brown eyes and brown facial hair. He looks somewhat Asian, because he is half-Korean descent (mother) and half-German descent (father).


He seems to be a very nice person. Due to him being a very nice person on YouTube, he gained a lot of attraction and subscribers. He also likes entertaining people with some gaming videos on YouTube, which is another primary reason why he become popular on the platform.

Role in videos

2015 VidCon Recap

Markiplier was walking casually, and Rebecca didn't get to talk to him.

Disney Street Performers Pick on Me

Markiplier made a cameo appearance. He was represented as one of the spectators.

YouTubers I Want to Sing With

Markiplier was mentioned as one of the YouTubers that Rebecca wants to sing with.

2016 VidCon Recap

Markiplier was walking casually, and once again, Rebecca didn't get to talk to him.

My Teacher Murdered Someone

Markiplier made a cameo appearance. He was represented as one of the student's in Rebecca's classroom.

Loopy & Sleep Deprived Office Tour

Markiplier was drawn on a drawing he was showcased on from Rebecca's tablet, along with TomSka and Daneboe. Rebecca edited him so that he has a pink mustache.

How to Creep Out Your Favorite YouTubers at Conventions

Markiplier was waving to a fan goodbye. A couple seconds later, Rebecca immediately rushed to hug Markiplier.

2017 VidCon Recap

Rebecca finally got to talk to Markiplier after 2 years of wanting to do so at VidCon.


He has a good relationship with Rebecca Parham. They're not really friends, but they did still meetup each other and like each other, especially for the fact that Rebecca loves Markiplier.



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