Jaiden Animations (born September 27, 1997) is an American/Japanese YouTuber and animator who does storytimes and creates animations about her life. She does many other storytimes too that she animates as an example. Jaiden has previously animated for many other YouTubers such as iHasCupquake. She currently has over 4 million subscribers and 440 million views as of June 2018.

She is a close friend to Rebecca Parham and is a re-occurring character in her animations and videos. Like most of Rebecca's YouTube animators' friends, Rebecca draws Jaiden in Jaiden's animation style.


Early life

Jaiden was born on September 27, 1997. During her childhood, she enjoyed drawing and casual video games. As she got older, she participated in competitive sports such as tennis and karate. She also took music lessons such as piano and violin.[1]

YouTube history

Jaiden joined YouTube on February 16, 2014, but didn't upload her first video until July of that year. Frequent collaborations with iHasCupquake, TonyvToons, TheOdd1sOut, and other creators helped skyrocketed her sub count, jumping from 100K subscribers to over 1,000,000 in the span of a year. Her channel has since grown to have nearly 4,000,000 subscribers, and each of her videos bolstering an equally impressive number of views.[2]




She appears to be an Asian woman with a tan skin tone, dark brown hair and brown eyes. In her animation style, what she usually wears is a purple shirt, blue pants and black shoes.


Jaiden is shy, and tends to be nervous around people. She calls herself 'awkward' and 'anxious’, although recently she's gotten to be much better with social interactions. These traits are referenced in many videos, the most notable being “Why I Don’t Have a ‘Face Reveal’” video in which she details her problems with self-consciousness, body dysmorphia, and eating disorders. She comes off as humble and kind. She follows a vegan diet and it is most likely due to her concerns about how animals are treated in farms. [3]

Role in videos

Jaiden Animations sends voice recordings of her speaking lines that needed to be spoken for the videos. Her name was partially mentioned in Backyard Stories.


She is close friends with TheOdd1sOut, TimTom, and SomeThingElseYT, forming a gang called the Boise Squad. The previous Animation Squad, however, included herself, TheOdd1sOut, ItsAlexClark, and TonyvToons.

Rebecca Parham from Let Me Explain Studios is also a close friend to Jaiden Animations, but she wasn't in either gang.

Her dating life is kept private.



This section lists her quotes only in Rebecca Parham's animations. For a list of quotes in her own animations, see w:c:youtube:Jaiden Animations#Quotes.
  • "AHH!"
  • "Hey. Hey, Rebecca. Love you. Bye! Can't wait to see you at VidCon!"


  • Coincidentally, Rebecca Parham created her big channel the day after JaidenAnimations created her channel.*She is an animal lover and had two dogs when she was a child. She currently has a bird named Ari, whom she jokingly calls a dog.
  • She went vegan for one week after being nominated to do the "7 Day Vegan Challenge, baby (solves all yo' problems)" by TheOdd1sOut (who "created" the name to this challenge), who she frequently collabs with.
    • This nomination was mostly a joke, as Jaiden was a vegan before accepting this challenge.
  • She hates the color green, and her favorite color is purple.
  • She once dyed her hair purple to look like her favorite YouTuber at the time, iHasCupquake.
  • She adds fanart at the endcard of her videos.
  • She was invited to make animation for YouTube Rewind 2017. Her animation is in the video's credits.
  • Jaiden made a music video with Boyinaband called Empty.
  • She would rather keep her full name private.
  • His name was referenced in the cast in My Crazy Theatre Teacher.



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