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Rebecca Parham's Halloween merchandise, also called the Let Me Explain Studios Halloween merchandise, is a set of limited edition Rebecca Parham Halloween-themed collectables, starting on October 5, 2018. This is the first time Rebecca Parham is selling merchandise.

This collection was firstly advertised in an animated short called Working Late, on the other half of the video. The collectables of this merchandise were produced by CreatorInk. All supplies will ship by the October 15, 2018.

More merchandise was planned on being made on November 21, 2018, including The Girlfriend Fairy shirts.

Name Image Price Official description
Geeks and Creeps T-shirt
$19.99 We all know the internet loves Halloween. And we also know Halloween never really ends for the true fans of darkness and fright. So show your fellow geeks and creeps you're the life of the undead party with this spooky Let Me Explain Studios t-shirt! Wear your inner darkness with pride this Halloween season or year round!
Skull and Cobwebs Halloween Knee High Socks
$10.99 They say you can't know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. But I think I might be taking the saying a little too literally with these delightfully eerie knee high socks!

Featuring a great skull and cobwebs pattern with Rebecca hanging out on your feet, you can show off your Let Me Explain Studios pride in a pair of flats or keep Rebecca secretly tucked away in sneakers! A great addition to any outfit!

Geeks and Creeps Halloween Sticker Sheet
$4.99 Are things too bright and cheery in your life? Need to bring down the mood with a bit of darkness and fright? Add a splash of spooky to any flat surface with these eerie, stylish stickers!

Let your Geeks and Creeps flag fly!

Under The Haunted Oak Halloween Pin
$7.99 Meet me under the Haunted Oak and I'll tell you a ghost story. Don't forget a candle to light your way. Sport this limited edition pin to show you don't scare so easily this Halloween season. I'm waiting for you.

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