DFTBA; don't forget to be awesome.

―Ryder's catchphrase

FootofaFerret (born: December 1, 1995 (1995-12-01) [age 23]) is a reoccurring character in Rebecca's videos and animations and a YouTuber. He has 550K+ subscribers and 180+ videos on YouTube.



He seems to have an average height and weight. He has brown hair and brown eyes, and he also wears glasses. His character in Rebecca's videos and animations is often seen wearing a white hat, blue jeans, a gray shirt and a black jacket.


He loves being an entertainer and loves researching and telling a brief history about shows, games, personalities and miscellaneous stuff. He likes the storytime animation community, including Jaiden and TimTom.

Role in videos

2017 VidCon Recap

Ryder made a brief history of VidCon, said that Rebecca was awesome and was talking to her for a somewhat long time.

Dumb Things I Do

He made a cameo appearance, and he was referenced as one of the judges in one of the performance-based reality TV shows.

1,000,000 Subscriber Extravaganza

He helped Rebecca Parham on her 1 million subscriber milestone special. In that milestone, she has sung a song from the 30's that inspired her name "Let Me Explain Studios". FootofaFerret helped her with the instrumentals and the mixing for the song.

2018 VidCon Recap

Part 1

Ryder went to the cheesecake factory with James, Adam and Rebecca. In there, his soda exploded.

Later then, after Rebecca has met with the animation community, Ryder texted her to go find him.

MatPat and her wife Stephanie know a lot about Rebecca Parham because of Ryder.

Ryder texted Rebecca to go to the meetup room as soon as possible, and she was told to sit next Ryder.

Ryder, Rebecca and David got inside the studio71 party, but then left because they were bored.

Part 2

Ryder was only mentioned that he went into Disneyland with Rebecca and her brother, David.


He has a really good relationship with Rebecca Parham. They're somewhat close friends.



  • FootofaFerret has his own style of an animated character, but Rebecca only used that style in the thumbnail of the first part of the 2018 VidCon Recap.
  • Occasionally, he works on some game theories with The Game Theorists.
  • On the same day he collaborated with Rebecca Parham, he uploaded a brief history of her in 9 minutes.

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