For the animation, see Flan (animation). For other uses, see Flan (disambiguation).

Flan is the censorship that appears in Rebecca's animations.


Like all normal censorships, it covers and/or censors inappropriate content, for sensitive users. However, the "CENSORED" word was replaced by "FLAN". This censorship is possibly made for comedic purposes.


Uncensored words

In the 2016 VidCon Recap, she said "crap". In You Think I'm Stupid and My School Dress Codes, she said "hell" once. In YouTubers I Want to Sing With and What the Hell Anime Is This?, she said "hell" twice (one in the title and the other in What the Hell Anime Is This?, but she said it twice in the video of YouTubers I Want to Sing With), in which both words aren't filtered with any sort of censorship. The same thing with Loopy & Sleep Deprived Office Tour, in which she said "crap" 5 times, "crappy" once and "hell" once. Although, the reason why they weren't filtered is because she confirmed that in one tweet, she doesn't consider neither words as part of vulgar language, which is why they are uncensored.

However, in one of her older videos, Pissing People Off (which is a video that is currently unlisted, but can be found here), at 0:16, there was a lady who called Rebecca a "b*tch" for pissing her off. It was the only time where a bad word wasn't filtered with the flan censorship or any other sort of censorships in the entire franchise. This is due to the fact that flan didn't become a joke to Rebecca at the time she uploaded the video.


  • Instead of putting the flan censorship in Lost My Pants in Wonderland, she put "WONDERLAND" in the thumbnail, "BABYGOTBACK" when the audience thought she had no pants and underwear, and "PERVERT" in what the aged pervert thought.
  • In Rachel's Birthday Animatic, she put "NAUGHTY" instead of "FLAN", which is possibly the previous comedic version of the censorship.