Fifi is the chihuahua of the Storage Lady. It is known for constantly saying "riff" in Crotchety Storage Lady.


It appears to be a brown chihuahua with black eyes, a black, circular nose and pink, triangular ears.

Role in videos

Quest for Storage

It was sitting next to Agetha. It didn't say "riff".

Crotchety Storage Lady

Its role in the video was saying "riff" multiple times.

Almost Run Over by a Car

It made a cameo appearance. It was featured as an item on the market shelves.

Pin Theatre

It was featured as one of the 5 pins in the enamel pin set from the Let Me Explain Studios merchandise. It was asking Rebecca Parham about the Let Me Explain Studios merchandise, even though it was technically only barking.



  • "Riff."


  • Fifi said "riff" 20 times.
  • Fifi is deceased because it lived long ago in 1980, thus it should be deceased now, because dogs can't live for more than 20 years.
  • It made a cameo appearance in Almost Run Over by a Car. At 0:18 in that video, it appears on a shelf.

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