A fan is a re-occurring character in Rebecca's videos who likes her and her videos (mostly, they like her animations). They are usually subscribed to her if they have a registered account on YouTube. One can become a fan of Rebecca Parham by being entertained by her videos.


Fans usually appear like example characters. They appear in full color. Sometimes, Rebecca draws her fans in detail, like making them include clothes.

Role in videos

No Mouths?!

The unspecified fans were asking questions to Rebecca because they needed to know the answer to them.

VidCon Recaps

In her VidCon Recaps, fans usually find Rebecca, talk to her, chit-chat and do more stuff with her. The later the VidCon recap is, the more fans there are, and pretty much most of the fans do the same thing, unlike the irony from How to Creep Out Your Favorite YouTubers at Conventions.

Can You Solve My Secret Code?

The role is not in the video, but rather in the comments section of that video. Most of the fans were attempting to solve the riddle, and most of them thought it was "Mabel" until Rebecca has given the answer in "No Mouths?!", which is "Dolls", thus people give out the same answer either legitimately or by cheating.

Other videos

They generally don't have extremely big roles in Rebecca's other videos. They usually are role-less, like example characters.


Pretty much all of the fans have a common positive relationship with Rebecca Parham: They like her and praise her videos.


Note: The quotes are usually from individual fans.

  • "Why don't any of your animated characters have mouths?!"
  • "What's the answer to the riddle from this video?"
  • "Yeah, you were probably just messing with us or trying to psyche us out or something. Of course you'd leave the answer in plain sight! I still say it's Mabel."
  • "Oh... Well, why dolls?"
  • "What software do you use?"
  • "Why don't you have more subscribers?"
  • "You pronounced flan wrong in this video!"
  • "Why am I only now just finding you?"
  • "Was Kid President really that awful?"
  • "What's up with your friend Ami from the 2016 VidCon Recap?"
  • "Jaiden only said, "Ah!" in your How to Creep Out Your Favorite YouTubers video!"


  • The only video that has unspecified fans talking is No Mouths, a video where Rebecca answers the most common questions her fans ask.
  • For a brief moment, in Dumb Things I Do, a fan was represented as a viewer.

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