The emo singer, who's name is currently unstated, is a minor character in the franchise and the antagonist of Stuck in an Emo Band.



He is an overall tall person with black hair, black earrings and overall emo makeup. He has black wristbands and wears a gray shirt, navy jeans and wears blue and white shoes.


He is an emo, which means he is more emotional to things than others. However, he is actually a more exaggerated version: he is immature, an annoyance to others (specifically DaneBoe) and barely knows how to speak properly. He speaks gibberish.

Role in video

He is the other singer of the band. However, he sings less properly, more gibberish and attempts to annoy DaneBoe with his gibberish singing.


He doesn't have a good relationship with DaneBoe, as DaneBoe kept getting annoyed from him.


Since his quotes are all gibberish, he has no real quotes, other than speaking/singing gibberish.

Character design

Originally, he had a different character design in a different animation style, but since the animation styles were inconsistent, Rebecca Parham decided to experiment a little bit to the point the animation style is more consistent to how she draws DaneBoe. The character design was explained in the Stuck in an Emo Band BTS.

Rebecca Parham

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