BeeFwee (character) is a minor character and a fan-made Pokémon who appeared in the animation with the same name.



BeeFwee takes the same appearance as the original Pokémon Butterfree. Since it is a female, its lower wings are black/purple. A few differences include the excessive height/size and the muscular body, along with the sharper teeth, longer limbs and sharper nails.


She seems to be a very strong Pokémon who loves her own Pokémon trainer.

Role in video

He was attempting to defeat Rhydon.


Pokémon trainer (the one with brown hair)

The brunette Pokémon trainer is the owner of BeeFwee who trained BeeFwee, thus why BeeFwee loves her.

The other Pokémon trainer and Rhydon

BeeFwee was challenged to compete the other Pokémon trainer's Rhydon. They likely have a bad relationship.


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