Animated stories
Almost Run Over by a Car/GalleryBackyard Stories/GalleryBlood On My Windshield/GalleryCrazy Wrong Number Caller/GalleryCrotchety Storage Lady/GalleryDisney Street Performers Pick on Me/GalleryLost My Pants in Wonderland/GalleryMy Crazy Theatre Teacher/GalleryMy Real Ghost Encounters/GalleryMy School Dress Codes/GalleryMy Teacher Murdered Someone/GalleryStole Mom's Credit Card to Buy N64/GalleryThe Curious Disney Security Guard/GalleryThe Girlfriend Fairy/Gallery

BeeFwee/GalleryCan You Solve My Secret Code?/GalleryDumb Things I Do/GalleryFlight of the Valentine/GalleryHow to Creep Out Your Favorite YouTubers at Conventions/GalleryI Am a YouTuber??/GalleryIf YouTube Animators Actually Uploaded Weekly/GalleryMy Embarrassing & Weird Old Art/GalleryNo Mouths?!/GalleryOver the Moon/GalleryPhone Notifications/GalleryStuck in a Bank/GalleryThe Sochi Hotel Games/GalleryThings Animation Girls Say/GalleryThings I Would Do if I Had the Time or Money!/GalleryToo Much/GalleryUpdate Central/GalleryWelcome to Let Me Explain Studios!/GalleryWorking Late/GalleryYou Think I'm Stupid?!/Gallery

Music videos
Animated Outtakes (Dumb Things I Do)/GalleryBei Mir Bist Du Schoen/Gallery

Subscriber milestone specials
1000000 Subscribers Extravaganza/GalleryDraw My Life/Gallery

VidCon recaps
2015 VidCon Recap/Gallery2016 VidCon Recap/Gallery2017 VidCon Recap/Gallery2018 VidCon Recap/Gallery

Basset Hound Puppy Steals Shoe/GalleryDon't Listen to the Demon/GalleryGirlfriend Fairy Halloween Costume/Gallery

Drawing videos
Ruining Your Favorite YouTubers/Gallery

Behind the Scenes
Stuck in an Emo Band (behind the scenes)/GalleryYouTube Rewind, PAX South and more/Gallery

Pin Theatre/Gallery

Animatics (rare)
Inventure/GalleryOde to Mother/GalleryOde to Dad/GalleryPissing People Off/GalleryQuest for Storage/GalleryRachel's Birthday Animatic/GalleryRaiders of the Lego Man/GallerySling Shot/GalleryTis the Season/GalleryTrick or Retreat/Gallery

Animations for other channels (rare)
Angles Song/GalleryStuck in an Emo Band (animation)/GalleryTime Song/Gallery

Animation reels (rare)
2012 Demo Reel/Gallery2013 Story Reel/GalleryFlash Animation Demo Reel/Gallery

Animation tests (rare)
Swinging Lip Sync/Gallery

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